• We are an energetic team of Entrepreneurs/Agropreneurs from Nigeria and the U.S.A with a cardinal objective of initiating a radical paradigm shift in the underachieving and underproductive approach to commercial farming in Nigeria's Agric sector.

    Mission Statement

    To facilitate the reversal of pervasive soil infertility problems in Nigeria/Africa, one plot, acre, and hectare at a time.

    Vision Statement

    To facility the proliferation of sustainable farming practices amongst at least 1-million Nigerian/African farmers within the next 10-years.

    Our Approach

    Our answer to mitigating the inefficiencies hindering commercial farming practice in Nigeria involves multi-pronged strategies, which include pioneering an adoption of sustainable farming methods such as Mechanized farming, promotion of Innovative solutions to soil fertility challenges, adoption of innovative and sustainable solutions to irrigation challenges, promoting the proliferation of cost-effective/affordable and local solutions to climate-controlled Greenhouse, Net-house, and Vertical Sack farming methods, e.t.c.