MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer

MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer (MBF-OLF) - For Crops & Fish Ponds

Our MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer exponentially improves soil pH, N, Mg, and Zn, consequently increasing plant height, stem girth, number of leaves and fruits of crops. This unique blend also greatly improves N, P, K, Ca, and Zn tissue nutrient concentration in crops to guarantee a bumper yield.

Advantages of our MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer over Synthetic/Chemical Fertilizers

  • Affordability - MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer is affordable enough for every farmer compared to the more expensive chemical-based alternatives.
  • Real Value for your money - Just one DILUTED Litre of MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer will give every farmer the MOST 'Bang-for-their-Buck', as farmers can now Organically fertilize more plots and acreage of their farms at the lowest cost obtainable.
  • As a liquid fertilizer, MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer's high Nutrient value and rapid availability makes it just the ideal tonic for plants.
  • AMBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer creates a ribbon effect, whereby every seed, crop, or plant gets the exact same blend all the time. Thanks to its instant blend, every drop of MBF-OLF has every nutrient in the same strength.
  • Because MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer is rich in the micro-organisms that recycle organic matter, it boosts the nutrients more available to plants, resulting in a stronger, healthier soil.
  • MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer provides other elements than N-P-K to the soil and plants, e.g additional elements and Nutrient properties it contains (besides Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium [N-P-K]) include Calcium, & Magnesium.
  • MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer also has a strong repellant property that helps to reduce the incidence of insects and pest when foliar applied.

How to use MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer

For application, dilute 1-Liter of MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer with 75-Liters of water for root application or 1-Liter of MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer with 100-Liters of water for foliar (leaf) application.

THIS WILL COVER 1-ACRE OF FARM-LAND -- WHILE 3-Liters of MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer will cover 1-Hectare of Farm-land.

* Foliar application/feeding should be done in the morning as nutrient absorption is enhanced when the air is humid and moist with a temperature of 80 degrees or below (Fahrenheit). This is due to the fact that the plants' main nutrient canals, the stomata, are open in low temperatures. Therefore the best time to spray is in the morning so the spray has time to dry.

Root Application

Dilute 1-Liter of MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer with 75-Liters of water and apply to the root as can be seen in the pictures.


Dilute 1-Liter of MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer with 150-Liters of water and let it run through your fertigation system. For outdoor or open-field crops and vegetables, use every two weeks.

Can be used with high pressure pump sprayers

Portion the diluted liquid fertilizer in the knap sack sprayer and apply on the leaves. Plants can absorb nutrients 8 to 20 times more efficiently through their leaf surfaces than through their roots. As a result, spraying foliage with liquid nutrients produces yields.

Can be used with tractor-mounted spayers

Portion into the sprayers and spray across the farm. For best results, MBF Organic Liquid Fertilizer should be applied to crops during their critical growth stages such as transplanting time, blooming or flowering time, and just after fruiting sets-in. By applying during flowering, MBF-OLF will cause an exponential increase in fruit production.

What is the 'Stomata'?

The stomata of a plant are the openings on a plant's leaves and stems that are similar to pores on our bodies. Through the stomata, plants absorb nutrients. These can come from the air, rain, sprinklers, or a foliar fertilizer. With foliar applications, nutrients are absorbed rapidly, usually within 6 to 24 hours.

* Avoid watering for the following 24-hours after foliar application.


Branding and White-Labeling service

As an added service, we can also specially brand your order to suit your needs. White-labeling for reselling is also available.