Welcome to MiddleBrook Farms®

We are on a mission to harness the resource recovery potentials in organic/agro-waste through homegrown innovative processes, in efforts to mitigate climate change, tackle malnutrition, food insecurity, and unemployment in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Our Unique Approach
  • Identify resource and nutrient recovery opportunities in locally generated organic waste.
  • Collect, aggregate, separate and condition these waste based on specification, and examine their nutrient composition and density through a lab-based proximate analysis.
  • This innovative process culminates in the creation of a highly valued product (HVP) or raw-material/substrate for insect farming, mushroom cultivation, and animal feed.
  • Offer training opportunities to enterpreneurs, firms, and smallholder farmers.
  • Design and setup of waste-treatment and processing unit/facility for willing clients.

Our Services


If you operate an agro-processing based small, cottage or medium waste generating enterprise, cluster, or centre, and need an additional revenue stream, we will design for you a tailor-made waste value-addition system and unit to enable you to increase and maximize your income earing potential.


We train enterpreneurs, students, and farmers on the business opportunities and value-addition qualities of Cassava peel waste for Mushroom and Spawn Cultivation, Black Soldier Fly (BSF) rearing, High Quality Cassava Peel (HQCP) animal feed production, and Organic Fertilizer production.


We offer offtake opportunities to our trainees and clients, by linking them to buyers of their value-added products and services.

Our Products

If you're a smallholder/cottage, medium or large-scale farmer, or enterpreneur operating in the agro-processing space, and you're open to tapping into the numerous waste-to-wealth opportunities within the circular economy, you know what to do....