Get your Edible Mushrooms, Spawns, Substrate, and Spent Compost

Everything to make your Mushroom Cultivation experience a blast!

Find all you need to make your Mushroom Cultivation experience a success.

Our high quality and tasty Oyster mushrooms are available. Button Mushrooms to be available soon.

We have quality non-contaminated spawns available for sale. Spawns function as the seeds through which mushrooms are formed.

Our high quality substrates are just the perfect environment to host your mushrooms. Substrates function as a sort of soil on which mushrooms germinate and grow.

Spent Mushroom Composts are the left-over substrates after the growth/flush cycle of the mushrooms have been completed. Our Spent Composts are rich in NPK and other micro-nutrients that help to improve soil texture and drainage. If used as a mulch, it also controls weeds and helps the soil retain water during dry weather.